White Fillings

More and more, people want white composite fillings for their teeth. Some want them because they blend in with their teeth. Others are concerned about the mercury in amalgam (often referred to as “silver”) fillings. But what do composite fillings contain? And how do they compare to amalgam fillings? Composite resins are used to make tooth-coloured fillings. They are made from glass or quartz mixed with plastic resin.


White Fillings Compared To Amalgam Fillings

White Fillings

  • They bond to the tooth and make the tooth stronger.
  • They require less removal of the tooth structure.
  • Your teeth are less sensitive to hot and cold foods than they are with amalgam fillings.
  • They don’t contain mercury, which is important to people who are concerned about the mercury in amalgam fillings.
  • They look natural, so people can’t tell that you have fillings in your teeth.
  • More time and skill are required to place them, so they cost more than amalgam fillings.



Amalgam Fillings

  • More of the tooth structure must be removed to accommodate the filling.
  • They are less expensive and easier to place than composite fillings.
  • The filling is stronger than composite, but it weakens the tooth.
  • Their colour makes them more noticeable and less natural looking.

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