News - 18 January 2021

Scared or afraid of the dentist?

For patients who are extremely nervous or phobic of dental treatment we offer IV sedation to help relax them during treatment.

Dental sedation is carried out intra venously (IV) via a cannula, placed in the bend of your arm or on the back of the hand. During IV sedation, you are not unconscious but in a dream-like state of deep calm relaxation. The sedation lasts between 1-2 hours and when you wake you will have no memory of the treatment and you will be fully recovered the following day. IV sedation is a safe, effective and less costly alternative to general anaesthetic.

News - 05 January 2021

What to Expect After a Root Canal

While you’re suffering from a tooth in need of a root canal, root canals are suffering from an unjustifiably horrible reputation. Just hearing the words root canal sends a shiver down some people’s spines. But why? What have root canals done to deserve such infamy? Both the procedure and the recovery involved are temporary and completely tolerable. Although they aren’t pain-free, they certainly shouldn’t be dreaded or denounced. If you’re wondering what to expect after a root canal, read this blog for the honest, unembellished truth.

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