Root Canal Treatment

A root canal treatment is needed when there is an infection in your tooth. An infection prompts the body to fight the bacteria by sending antibodies and white blood cells to the infected area. The tissue swells and turns red.

The canals of the tooth have no room for white blood cells and antibodies. When the pulp tissue inside your tooth is infected, it tries to swell, but instead it chokes and dies. The infection travels down the pulp tissue in the canals of the tooth and reaches the bone tissue surrounding the end of the tooth. The result is a tooth abscess. Root canal treatment is needed for the infection.


What Is Root Canal Treatment?


The treatment involves removing the soft tissue inside the tooth, thoroughly cleaning the tooth, and filling it to the very end with a sealer material. Despite root canal treatment horror stories that you may have heard, the dead tissue prevents you from feeling pain, so the treatment is usually painless. A successful treatment can last a lifetime. While some people think that it’s easier just to have the tooth removed, removing it is actually more painful. If the tooth is weak, it can be saved by protecting it with a dental crown.

An infection will continue to spread until it’s treated. If you have a toothache or if you think that you have a tooth infection, it’s important that you seek help promptly.


Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.


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