About Us

Ekera Dental is an established dental group, focused on acquiring and growing dental practices throughout Australia. Ekera Dental seeks to partner with high quality dental practitioners operating successful practices to allow Practice Principals to reduce their administrative workload and focus on clinical activities, while developing an exit strategy to realise value for their practices. Ekera Dental is fully integrated, multi-specialty dental group, generating cross-referral benefits between the group members, ensuring alignment between Practice Principals and outstanding clinical outcomes for patients.

Ekera respects the Dentists clinical independence and does not direct the Consultant Dentists who practise at our clinics in relation to treatment decisions about their patients. Ekera is an independent contractor providing services to you as the Dental Practitioner. Our support services include:

  • a licence to use the treatment rooms at the Dental Centre for the conduct of your practice, including the cleaning and maintenance of those rooms;
  • restocking and set-up of the treatment rooms;
  • coordinating and scheduling appointments;
  • providing administrative services;
  • billing and collecting professional fees generated by the Doctor;
  • arrange payment to creditors to maintain stock levels;
  • maintaining a library of patient records and treatment plans;
  • providing IT and communication capabilities

Ekera Dental provides their Dentists with appropriate support services to assist with operating the practice, in return for a service fee.


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